Information Technology Product

Nowadays, Information technology product is an essential product to every organization. Sysnect Information Co.,ltd provide the total solution IT product ranging from, IT Consulting, network, system and software design and implementation. Our products include

1. Computer Server, PC and Notebook We provides computer server, Notebook, Tablet from Lenovo and HP. We are also the ACER OFFICAL PARTNER (AOP).

2. Super Computer We can provide Cray Supercomputer, one of the fastest computer in the world.

3. Data Center You want a Data center. No problem, we can be your one stop shopping solution. We can provide you with a very secure Data center that you can trust.

4. Netwoking product We can provide system from Cisco, Borcade, HP, Zyxel, an Huawei as well as design and implementation.

5. Computer Peripheral We can provide any computer peripheral you need.

6. Software Design and Implementation We can provide system analysis and software design and implementation.

Conference and Meeting Room Product

We can design and installation Conference and Meeting Room. This also includes sound and vision system, editing system, and video conference.

Security System and Product for Specific Need

We also provide many security system and product for specific need like Radiosonde, Unmanned aerial vehicle, CCTV, Night vision, Drugs detector, and many more.